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I was born in a little (bigger than Belgium thought), poor, but beautiful country named Honduras. Yes, I am Latino. I started my way into the arts trough the study of acting and dramaturgy. Soon after I moved to Belgium, I realized I was made for filmmaking and pursued studies for becoming a film director. 

I am based now in Antwerpen, but if you need me somewhere else in the world, we can talk about it. ;-) 

My bachelor project “YIBRIL” a touching story about immigration and empathy that unfolds in the heart of Europe was selected for the 22nd International Short Film Festival Leuven 2016 (Belgium) where it won the VAF WILD CARD FICTION 2016. It has also been selected in 15 international film festivals around the world.

My most recent work was filmed in Mexico with the support of the Flanders Audivisual Fund (VAF). LOS VEO.

My films tell emotional stories where relatable characters face overwhelming situations. Normally my style includes touches of magic realism aiming to bring balance between the beauty of everyday elements and the unbearable sorrow of its characters.

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