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Who am I?

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I'm a Honduras-born, Belgium-based filmmaker and photographer.

I graduated in Audiovisual arts and Master in Film Direction at The Royal Institute for Theater, Cinema and Sound in Brussels. Along with my film studies, I have taken different photography courses and workshops taught by established photographers. Thanks to them I learned to connect with the people I photograph, aiming to shoot a perfect PORTRAIT.

As a filmmaker, I directed short films that have been awarded at various film festivals. I am humbled and honoured to include among them the most important award for short films in Belgium, the WILD CARD VAF at the Leuven International Short Film Festival. 

Hand-to-hand with filmmaking I have improved my photography technique by exploring its different facets, trends, and aesthetics. I make my work reveal my passion for natural light and people. Some of us shine in front of the lenses, but I know how difficult it is for others to be in front of a camera. It may feel like a moment of vulnerability. That is why I find it important to create an environment of trust with the one being photographed and understand they needs and expectations. 


Your social contacts want to see you and know you. With a professional portrait you will be able to get closer and give a first step towards a bond of trust.

Commercially speaking, it is a fundamental tool for your business marketing strategy and the image it transmits to the on-line world

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