Who am I?

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I'm a Honduras-born, Belgium-based filmmaker and photographer.

I graduated in Audiovisual arts and Master in Film Direction at The Royal Institute for Theater, Cinema and Sound in Brussels. Along with my film studies, I have taken different photography courses and workshops taught by established photographers. Thanks to them I learned to connect with the people I photograph, aiming to shoot a perfect PORTRAIT.

As a filmmaker, I directed short films that have been awarded at various film festivals. I am humbled and honoured to include among them the most important award for short films in Belgium, the WILD CARD VAF at the Leuven International Short Film Festival. 

Hand-to-hand with filmmaking I have improved my photography technique by exploring its different facets, trends, and aesthetics. I make my work reveal my passion for natural light and people. Some of us shine in front of the lenses, but I know how difficult it is for others to be in front of a camera. It may feel like a moment of vulnerability. That is why I find it important to create an environment of trust with the one being photographed. 

While my films are out there reaching larger audiences, the photos I took over the years were kept in my private collection. However, now I have decided to also share my passion for photography with the world.

I invite you to take a look at my portfolio and send me a message if you would like to work together.


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